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Aluminum Coil is expensive than Steel Coil, How about Anneng’s Al-Mg-Mn Coil

      The price problem is depands on how to calculate, first is to see your plant plan to use how many years, color steel plate is normal 5~8 years, Anneng’s Al-Mg-Mn alloy coil  can use 30~50 years, two time completely different.If your plant is only planned to be used for 5 years, then you are recommended to use color steel plate. If it is to be used for 20 or 30 years, then use Anneng’s Al-Mg-Mn alloy coil , which is cost-effective and environmentally friendly, and this is conducive to the development of the enterprise.

       From the perspective of users, we repeatedly calculated that using 0.9mm thick 3003 Anneng’s aluminum magnesium manganese, calculated according to the current price of aluminum ingots, using Anneng’s aluminum magnesium manganese for roofing and wall, the cost is even lower than color steel plate after 10 years, and can be used for 50 years.

       If the use of twenty years and the color steel plate, the first is removed from the cost of maintenance and repeatedly put in replacement of choi steel and trouble, there will be no more rain rust water leakage, sunny rust dust flying problem, even if used for 20 years, building demolition, Anneng’s aluminum magnesium manganese can be 90% recovery, according to the price of aluminium ingot 60% computation, after 20 years of every square metre can get returns on the maintenance and appreciation of the RMB 30.

       The use of Anneng’s Al-Mg-Mn alloy coil  can reduce the comprehensive construction cost, eliminate the time for stopping production, repairing and replacing roof, and directly increase the production efficiency. As the environment is improved, the stability and improvement of product quality are better guaranteed.

       The use of Anneng’s Al-Mg-Mn alloy coil is in line with the needs of national and times for energy conservation and environmental protection. The use of green building materials saves a lot of costs rather than a lot of inputs, while obtaining recycling value preservation and multiple addit.