Al-Sn Alloy Sheet Composited Steel Sheet Coil

   Other names: AnNeng Al-Tin Sheet
   Thickness:S1 series:0.38mm,0.43mm,0.48mm,0.53mm
S3、S4 series:0.53mm,0.63mm
  Width:1000mm.                     Any other size is customizable.
  S1 series:Al-Sn alloy sheet composited with galvanized steel sheet.
  S3 series:Al-Sn alloy composited with galvanized steel sheet + high density resin coating.
  S4 series:High density resin coating + galvanized steel sheet + high density resin coating.
  Painting Way:4coating and 4baking production process.

Al-Sn Alloy Paint Coated Steel Sheet VS Normal Prepainted Steel

Heat Insulation Test

   Remarks: The test time of heat insulation is at 12:00pm in the summer.                                                                        The test of the acid resistance uses 95% dissolved Sulfuric Acid.

Comparison ProjectS1 SeriesS3 SeriesS4 SeriesNormal Prepainted Steel Panel
Surface Temperature45 degrees45 degreesNot insulated65 degrees
Acid resistanceNot resistant to
Sulfuric Acid
2400 seconds30 seconds
Advantages good insulation effect,the board surface is cooled by about 18 degreesgood insulation
effect, the board surface is cooled by about 18 degrees and the indoor bottom is
resistant to strong
acid and alkali,
outdoor and
indoor can be corrosion-resistant, but does not have thermal insulation


       Anneng Al-Sn can cooler down 13-18 degrees, and also can completely replace the foam sandwich panel, and the life is three times that of the ordinary color steel plate. Commonly used in industrial plants, warehouses, large ceramic factories, Steel structure workshops such as factories, farms, and hardware factories. 

Cooler the Sheet through Reflecting Solar Light