Aluminum Alloy Sheet Composited Steel Sheet

  Thickness :0.8mm—1.5mm
  Any other size is customizable.
  Composition:Aluminum sheet composited with single side PPGI   sheet.
  Painting Way:4coating and 4baking production process.

Advantages of Anneng’s Al Sheet Composited Steel Sheet

Aluminum is lighter with volume weight of 2.7g/cm3 and is only one-third of the steel weight.

The service life of common aluminum sheet is about 10 years, and aluminum Sheet Composited Steel Sheet panel has a service life of 20-50 years.

Costs wise, the cost is 50% of conventional aluminum sheet panel.

Recyclable is the biggest advantage of aluminum. You can recycle aluminum products almost 100%.

The non-adhesive nature of the fluorine coating film makes it difficult to adhere to the surface, and has good self-cleaning properties, which is easy to clean and maintain.

The use of advanced roller coating technology makes the paint and aluminum plate adhere evenly, with various colors and large selection space.

The aluminum veneer is formed at the factory, and the construction site does not need to be cut and fixed on the skeleton.

 The aluminum sheet coil can be processed into variouscomplex geometric shapes such as plane, arc and sphericalsurface by using the first processing and painting proces

Al Sheet Composited Steel Sheet VS Common Aluminum Sheet​

Comparison Project

Al Sheet Composited Steel Sheet

Common Colored Aluminum Panel

Equal Strength Specification1.2mm3.0mm
Substrate CleaningHot water alkaline washing oilNo cleaning
Substrate PassivationPre-passivationNo passivation
Primer CoatingPre-roll coatingArtificial painting
Surface CoatingPre-roll coatingArtificial painting
Coating Life30—50 years15—30 years
Coating Cost10 RMB/Per square30RMB/Per square
Scope Of Application95% FullFull
Steel Composition80% Galvanized & 20%Aluminum100% Aluminum
Cost105RMB/Per square250RMB /Per square
Appearance DifferenceNo differenceNo difference


      Because of its good processing performance, multiple colors and appearance, easy to stain, easy to clean and maintain, it can beapplied not only to outdoor decoration, but also to indoor wall, ceiling, partition, pillar , balconies, door covers, window sills, counters, billboards, and even screens and crafts.