Anti-Noisy Glazed Roof Tile

  Any other size is customizable.
  Composition:Al-Sn alloy sheet. composited with galvanized steel   sheet.
  Painting Way:4coating and 4baking production process.
  Functions:noise reduction, shock absorption, sound insulation.

Anneng Anti-Noisy Glazed Roof Tile VS Plastic Tile

Anneng Anti-Noisy Glazed Roof TilePlastic Tile
Aging Resistancethe service life is about 15 years

Misrepresentation the service life

Yield Strength300Mpa30Mpa
Heat resistance-30 degrees-90 degrees,not easy to deformeasy to deform
Tile Shape

Any tile shapes can be produced

Only a few tile shapes

Convenient transportation, can transport by coil or sheet

only transport by sheet,length is limited


After many years of maintenance, trample is not easy to break

After many years of maintenance, trample is easy to break


       Anneng Anti-Noisy Glazed Roof Tile is a tile with national characteristics, the product can transport and production by coil, convenient production for roofing corrugator , glazed roof tile can be corrugated any length,long service life, no weathering, no plastic tile quality defects;Suitable for mass production.