Belt Steel

  Other names: C shapes steel, Z shapes steel, purlin, anti-   corrosion purlin, anti-rust purlin
  Any other size is customizable.
  Composition:Anti-rust coating and galvanized steel sheet.
  Painting Way:Electrostatic Coating.

Anneng’s Belt Steel VS Normal Belt Steel​

ApplicationsAnneng’s Belt Steel T1Anneng’s Belt Steel T3Anneng’s Belt Steel T5Normal Belt Steel
Rust prevention testDo not react with
acids, bases and salts
1000 hours300 hours24 hours
Advantage adopts Sulfuric Acid corrosion repassivation and 100 micron silicon modified polyester is only suitable for indoor heavy corrosion environmentsadopts Sulfuric Acid corrosion re-passivation and epoxy baking varnish protection technology, and has good salt spray resistanceadopts the process of Sulfuric Acid corrosion and re-passivation, which can store moisture for a long time without rusting or whitish.The outdoor rain and wind are not changed for 30 days/

   Remarks : The anti-rust contrast is based on salt sprayresistance and damp heat resistance test.