Ti-Sn Alloy Paint Coated Steel Sheet Coil

  Other names: Anneng Ti-Sn Alloy Sheet
  Thickness:0.326mm,0.376mm,0.426mm,0.476mm,   0.526mm,0.576mm
  Any other size is customizable.
  Composition:Ti-Sn Alloy metal paint coated with galvanized   steel  sheet.
  Painting Way:The front “double-coating & double-baking” of high-performance paint 20 micron, The back “double-coating & double-baking” of high-performance epoxy 10 micron.
  Funtions:Heat Insulation, Cooler down, Corrosion, weathering.

Surface Temperature Test

Anneng Ti-sn Alloy Sheet Panel VS Normal Prepainted Sheet Panel​

Comparison project Anneng Ti-Sn alloy sheet panel Normal prepainted steel panel
Surface Temperature55 degrees65 degrees
Rust prevention test60 seconds30 seconds

     Remarks: The test time of heat insulation is at 12:00 pm in the summer.
                       The test of the rust prevention uses 95% dissolved Sulfuric Acid.


          Anneng Ti-Sn alloy sheet has seven advantages of cooling 10 degree, high density alloy layer, four layer paint film, high zinc layer,super weathering resistance, super hydrochloric acid resistance, four coating four drying process, while is widely used in steel structure plant roofing and wall cladding.