Aluminum Alloy Gutter

    Other name: Alloy roofing rain drainage system
    Any other size is customizable.
   Composition:magnesium, titanium, copper, chromium, zinc,  aluminum and various alloy elements.
   Painting Way:4coating and 4baking production process.

The Price Of Draining Slot VS The Price Of Stainless Steel Sheet

Thickness Draining slot Stainless steel sheet
1.0mm85 RMB/Per square145 RMB/Per square
1.5mm128 RMB/Per square213 RMB/Per square


       Draining gutter as a typical application of Mg-Ti alloy sheet.Including the standard size of semi-circular gutter, a large number of standard-size special shape products, and its accompanying corrosion-coating process. It is made of alloy technology manufacturing and has 50 years of quality assurance, maintenance-free economy, extremely light of weight, corrosion-resistance,arbitrary welding and multiple colors. It is widely used in steelstructure workshops and villa residential buildings.

Mg-Ti alloy gutter is much cheaper and more cost effective than copper gutter obviously!