Prepainted Mg-Ti Alloy Sheet Coil

  Any other size is customizable.
  Composition:magnesium, titanium, copper, chromium,       zinc,aluminum and various alloy elements.
  Painting Way:4coating and 4baking production process.
  Coating Functions:corrosion resistant, heat insulation.

Comparison project Mg-Ti Alloy Sheet Stainless Steel Sheet
Tensile Strength 380Mpa 520Mpa
Yield Strength 330Mpa207Mpa
Magnetic No magnetic Magnetic
Hardness 70HB 92HB
Incision Do not rustDo no rust
Welding Performance Can be weldedCan be welded
Density (g/cm3) 2.757.93
Corrosion Performance GoodGood
Thickness /mmMg-Ti Alloy Sheet #304 Stainless Steel Sheet #201 Stainless Steel Sheet
1.0*1000 40 RMB/square145 RMB/square72 RMB/square
1.5*1000 60 RMB/square213 RMB/square106 RMB/square
2.0*1000 80 RMB/square//
Comparison ProjectPrepainted Mg-ti Alloy SheetPrepainted PPGI/PPGL Sheet
Tensile Strength380Mpa 340Mpa
Yield Strength330Mpa300Mpa
Density (g/cm3) 2.757.85
IncisionDoes not rust Easy to rust
Seawater ResistantChloride-tolerant saltEasy to rust
Surface Coating New coating Paint coating
Substrate Life 30~50 years 5~15 years


            Anneng prapainted Mg-Ti alloy sheet coil is developed and manufactured on the basis of six major durable metals: magnesium, titanium, copper,chromium, zinc and aluminum. We create a new alloy material by using four-step strengthening technology (metallurgical melting, hot rolled annealing,physical cold rolling and recrystallization of alloy atoms), and verify various metallographic parameters, finally achieve mass production and launch in the market, which is mostly used for high-end steel structure roofing and exterior wall decoration.