Industry Knowledge

Feature of Anneng’s Magnesium-Titanium Alloy Sheet

  1.Light weight: the density of magnesium titanium alloy is 2.80g/cm³, only 1/3 of steel.

  2.High strength: 380Mpa tensile strength can be achieved through component allocation, processing and heat treatment.

  3.Corrosion resistance: with self-corrosion resistance, the oxide layer formed can prevent the rust corrosion of metal oxidation and has good acid and alkali resistance.

  4.Diverse and beautiful surface treatment.

  5.Good plasticity and easy to process;

  6.Good electrical conductivity.Non-magnetization and low spark sensitivity can prevent electromagnetic interference.

  7.Easy installation: magnesium and titanium can be connected by riveting, welding and adhesion in various ways.

  8.Environmental protection: 100% recyclable.