Industry Knowledge

Features of Anneng’s Curtain Wall Aluminium Panel

     1.Thermal insulation

        The above functional requirements are very common in engineering decoration, and traditional materials are difficult to be met at one time. However, aluminum veneer curtain wall can meet the needs of sound insulation and heat preservation by punching holes and adding absorbent cotton.After testing, the insulation efficiency of our product is in actual application, the temperature difference of the common installation room is 7 degrees, and we have hot summer in the south and cold winter in the north, this building material is one of the best decoration materials.This product relies on the excellent heat insulation function, besides the wall body installation, in the balcony, the sunlight room, the roof of the villa, the curtain wall decoration lamp place all can undertake long-term use, belongs to the country advocate energy-saving environmental protection adornment material.

     2.Good sound insulation effect

        Through examination, aluminum veneer product sound insulation up to 29-32 decibels, equivalent to the solid brick wall sound insulation effect, for bedroom, study and other rest places can solve noise problems.In infrastructure projects, it is often used as an airport sound barrier to effectively address the impact of traffic noise on residents.

      3.Fire prevention

          With the continuous improvement of the government’s awareness of fire safety in public places and relevant laws and regulations, construction contractors often have a headache in grading the combustion performance of building materials. It is difficult for common materials to meet the characteristics of safety, environmental protection, beauty and durability, etc., while the aluminum veneer curtain wall is made of metal and one of the natural fireproofing building materials.After testing, aluminum plate fire rating is as high as A2 and melting point is as high as 660 degrees, which is one of the excellent fireproof building materials. For aluminum veneers, various kinds of high-quality decorative building materials, there is no need to sign authorization letter of combustion performance grade, which can be directly entered into the construction site.

     4.Moisture, rust and corrosion

        Aluminium veneer this respect is more outstanding than steel much, the effect that has lumber does not have woodboard however is easy to be affected with damp, heat bilges cold shrink easy craze a problem, in southern area plum rain season and air humidity are big, material is easy to be affected with damp mildew, suit to install aluminous board curtain wall smallpox most, after letting material construction is used for a long time, do not have trouble back at home.

     5.High strength and no deformation

         Using high quality and high strength anti-rust alloy aluminum plate as the base material, through the open material, punching and carving, bending welding and other processes.In order to ensure that the plate surface is not deformed, we can add reinforcement on the back, sheet metal forming thick, and also through shaping treatment, greatly strengthening rigidity and hardness, can be used in various kinds of wall decoration and other places.

     6.Convenient and fast delivery for construction

        The use of the frame design in the design, not only the strength of the plate surface, but also convenient to install Angle code in the bending frame for construction and fixation.Solved the problem that other adornment material installs trival greatly, do not need professional construction master to be able to install, can be installed directly on maopie wall or ceramic tile, also can be used at old building retrofit is changed, save time and effort more save trouble.

     7.Green and environmental protection can be recycled

        Nowadays, the demand for green environmental protection and safety is higher and higher.So a lot of places eliminate traditional building material, especially a lot of owner is right paint, formaldehyde wait for chemical gas allergy, material cannot recycle use.And aluminium veneer is metal building materials, can environmental protection recycle is one of basic characteristic, do not have above more harmful gas generation to owner hidden danger to safety.Truly achieve zero formaldehyde, zero radiation, do not need scattered flavor, namely install live, moved in or business time in advance greatly.

     8.Eolour diversity

        Color CARDS are an important bridge connecting customers and manufacturers. Some of them use RAL color CARDS and other kinds of international color CARDS. Generally speaking, as long as the international color card number is determined, the manufacturers can adjust the color until they are satisfied.In addition to color painting, you can also have wood grain, stone grain, blue and white porcelain and other textures transfer printing, so that the color of the board is dazzling, and durable maintenance for 10 years.

     9.Light material

         Aluminum is lighter than traditional curtain walls such as glass, stone and steel, which means the construction is convenient and requires less load bearing on wall keel, steel frame and curtain wall.