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Principle Of Ti-Sn Alloy Sheet in Corrosion Resistant And Thermal Insulation

     Ti-Sn Alloy Sheet is developed by anneng, a new color steel plate for coating and thermal insulation technology, roof surface temperature can be cooled by 12 degrees, surface coating is composed of Ti-Sn alloy, high-density coating, with uv insulation and resistance to artificial aging for 1,500 hours of extreme effect.This technology in the domestic color steel coating and plating industry, belongs to the absolute leading position.

      The wavelength coverage of solar radiant energy is wide, with the wavelength reaching ground space between 303nm and 2500nm.High-energy ultraviolet light with a wavelength between 300nm and 400nm only accounts for 5% of the energy, and most of it is absorbed.About 45% of solar radiation is visible at wavelengths between 400 and 700 nanometers, and different colors reflect different degrees of light at different wavelengths.The solar spectrum with a wavelength of 700~2500nm is an infrared region, accounting for 50% of the solar radiation energy.Infrared radiation can be absorbed and reflected, which can heat up the coating and send out energy through the far infrared region.