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Production Manufacturing Step Line of Anneng’s Aluminum-Magnesium-Manganese Sheet

    Aluminum strip refers to the aluminum sheet or strip made from aluminum as the main raw material and mixed with other alloy elements.

    As an important basic material for the development of China’s national economy, aluminum strip is widely used in aviation, aerospace, architecture, printing, transportation, electronics, chemical industry, food, medicine and other industries.Driven by the rapid development of economy, China’s investment in aluminum strip is heating up continuously, and the consumption of aluminum strip is maintaining a steady growth.

    The demand for exterior wall buildings and interior decoration, aluminum foil manufacturing, printing, PS edition, manufacturing, household appliances, food packaging and other industries has further increased, becoming the main driving force for the growth of aluminum plate and belt consumption. Meanwhile, the transportation industry is becoming a new consumption growth point.


      Then by cooling crystallization, annealing or cutting into products.In production, the melting atmosphere, melting temperature and cooling conditions are controlled to ensure high production efficiency, crystal formation and network structure.

     Several key parameters in the process of melting casting:

    1.General set when smelting furnace temperature 1050 ℃, material need to monitor the temperature in the process, control the metal temperature does not exceed 770 ℃.

   2.Grilled slag operation at about 735 ℃, the temperature is advantageous to the slag liquid separation.

   3.In general, secondary refining is adopted for refining, adding solid refining agent in the first refining and gas refining in the second refining.

   4.Generally, it needs to be cast in time for 30min-1h after the furnace is settled; otherwise, it needs to be refined again.

   5.Ai-ti-b filaments should be added continuously during the casting process to refine the grains.

     Casting machine

   Smelting Furnace

Hot rolling

     Hot rolling is relative to cold rolling, cold rolling is rolling under recrystallization temperature, and hot rolling is rolling above recrystallization temperature.

     Hot rolling generally refers to rolling above the temperature of metal recrystallization. During hot rolling, there is hardening and softening process of metal simultaneously. Due to the influence of deformation speed, as long as the recovery and recrystallization process is too late, there will be a certain amount of work hardening.Hot rolling can improve the processing properties of metals and alloys and reduce or eliminate casting defects.

        Hot Rolling Machine

Cast Rolling

       Casting and rolling, also known as ingot-free rolling, is a combination forming method of casting and rolling.

       Casting and rolling is a new process of casting and rolling metal melt into semi-finished blank or finished product.The remarkable feature of this process is that the crystallizer is two rotary casting rolls with water-cooling system, and the melt completes the solidification and hot rolling process between the roll joints, and it is completed within a very short time (2 ~ 3s).

       Casting and rolling is a new technology developed in the 1970s. Its advantage is that molten metal liquid can be crystallized, cast and rolled directly to produce metal material products.

       Casting and rolling process: liquid metal, front box (liquid level control), casting and rolling machine (lubricating system, cooling water), shearing machine, coiler.

       Roll casting temperature between 680 ℃ to 700 ℃, the lower the better, the stability of the rolling line will stop only once in a month or more generally, to sign board, need to strictly control the chamber during the process of production level, prevent the liquid level is low.

       The production speed is generally between 1.5m/min and 2.5m/min.The surface quality of products produced by casting and rolling is generally relatively low, and generally cannot meet the requirements of special.

      Cast  Rolling  Machine

Cold rolling

      Cold rolling refers to the rolling process below recrystallization temperature.Dynamic recrystallization will not occur during rolling, and the temperature will rise to recovery temperature at most.Cold rolled strip has high dimensional accuracy, good surface quality, uniform structure and performance, and can be produced in various conditions with heat treatment.The thin strip can be produced by cold rolling.

       Cold Rolling machine


     The finishing equipment can correct the defects in the process of hot rolling and cold rolling, such as cracking edge, oil, poor shape, residual stress, etc., which need to be guaranteed not to bring in other defects in the production process.Various finishing equipment, including transverse cutting, longitudinal cutting, bending correction, annealing furnace, cutting machine, etc.

       Slitting rolling machine

      Tension Leveling Line