Industry Knowledge

Why Choose Anneng’s Aluminum-Magnesium-Manganese Sheet

ComparationAnneng Aluminum SheetMarket Normal Aluminum Sheet
Alloy GradesStandard Grades AlloySecondary Aluminum
Kinds of  CoatingAluminum Tin Titanium PaintingNormal Painting
Kinds of ResinHigh Polymer Alloy ResinSmall Density Monomers
Coating  FeatureThermal Insulation       Anti-CorrosionNon  Thermal Insulation      Non Anti-Corrosion
Coating ThicknessTop:18μm     bottom:8μmTop:10μm     bottom:3μm
Type of CoatingAlloy  HPE CoatingNormal PE Coating
WeatheringAging up to 1200 hours Only aging to 300 hours
Color  FastnessLong-term keep colorColour Fading Next Year
Passivation TechnologyChromium-free passivatingWith Chromium passivating
Coating Technology4coating and 4baking   Single coating and Single baking